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Can you please explain the # retries before down to me?
When the check goes down initially does it then wait for another cycle before it checks again? Say I define the interval to 3 min and the retires to 3 does this mean that the check would need to be down for 9 min before it is really down?

or does the check go down then immediately retry three times?

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    It "immediately" retries 3 times without waiting 3 minutes. Retries are sequentially executed without taking the defined interval timing into consideration.

    When running the monitoring_manager.exe (by double clicking) and not having the service running, then you will see the timings between the retries.


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    Is there a way to define hwo long a check must be down before it is down? Basically I have some ping checks that I want to be down for 3 min before it alerts... but the way the retry works there is no way to know how many times it needs to retry since they are immediately executed.

    Also the value returned in the ping check is that average of several pings or one ping... also if it is multiple pings what happens if one of them times out.. what happens to the average.

    Thank you

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    There is currently no way to define how long a check must be down before it is considered being down.

    The PING is always the last value of one PING that is sent out. This is not the same as the PING command under Windows.

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    Could anyone provide any insight into how many retries serverscheck will perform on a particular rule. I know by default its set to 3, but I'd like to get as many as 20. Also would the retry attempts show up in the general log file... Thanks In Advance...

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