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I like to seek some advice on the configuration for voice call feature of serverscheck.

The call i received from the alert being triggered does not have any speech/voice when i picked it up.

I have downloaded and installed Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 (SpeechSDK51.exe) as instructed in the help.

1. What are all the settings that i have to configure to get this voice call feature up?

2. How can i varify that the settings are in place?

3. Can we set the text that will be converted to speech? If yes, where?

For your advice. Thank you.


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    1. It detects a pickup by you saying "hello" or some text

    2. The settings are very limited:

    - Unimodem V needs to be listed as a sound driver

    - TTS Engine needs to be installed

    - Modem needs to be selected

    - Phone number has to be completed.

    3. No the text can not be changed and is generated automatically by ServersCheck


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    1. Tried saying hello, still no response


    - Using a 3Com U.S. Robotics 56k EXT FAXModem

    - Microsoft Text-to-Speech 4.0 engine and Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 is installed on my machine

    - Modem is selected on my voice call configuration

    - Phone number is completed, i can receive the call when checking is triggered. But on top of that, I do get a Call Status popup box instructing me to
    "Life the receiver and click Talk. To disconnect , click hang up and replace the receiver"

    What else could be wrong?

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    As it seems you do not have a voice capable modem as it is a fax/data modem. You need data/fax/voice.

    Is Unimodem V listed in your sound drivers (When go to your system configuration and then select sound drivers). If not then you do not have a voice capable modem. The modem is only able to transfer data and not voice resulting in the issue you are facing.
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    Ok, will try to get a voice modem to try out then.

    Thanxs for the help :)

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    No problem. Make sure that the modem is Unimodem V compatible.


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    Does the server need a sound card in addition to a voice modem for voice calls to work?
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    When looking at the hardware listing on your computer (Computer Properties in Windows) then the modem should also be listed under the Sound devices. If not then the voice is not enabled on the modem.


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    I'm back.

    Gotten 2 different voice modem to test out the voice phone feature.

    1. Prolink 1456VE 56K FAX/DATA/VOICE v.90 modem

    2. Aztech EM6800 56k FAX/DATA/VOICE modem

    Downloaded the respective drivers but i still do not have the Unimodem V listed in my system->device manager->sound, video and game controller

    The result i gotten for both are identical. The alert was triggered and the modem dialed the number that i specified. But it drops the call immediately after the very first ring.

    I tried to dial the number using microsoft's tool like Phone Dialer and Hyperterminal

    Hyperterminal got my phone call thru. But Phone Dialer faced the same problem as ServersCheck

    Could you advice on this? Thank you

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    When you do not have the Unimodem V listed in your system then Microsoft (sic) does not recognize the modem as a voice modem. Without this it will simply not work as Microsoft will not be able to use the voice feature of your modem.


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    I finally got this to work with a £14.99 voice modem currently available from Dixons (PC Line 56k v.92 internal modem). I did need a sound card - before that the modem would dial out but not provide a voice message and would drop the line immediately.

    I also installed the latest version of Direct X (9.0) which seemed to improve the quality of speech considerably.

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    I use Creative Blaster V.92 USB modem, I can receive the voice alert call to my celluar phone, however the alert sound is not clear, I tried to install Direct X(9.0) but no big difference(Microsoft Speech 5.0 already installed), is there any way to improve sound quality?

    Also is it possible to setup multiple voice phone numbers, so more than one person can receive the alert call?



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    I found the alert to be pretty unclear too; I installed Direct X9.0 but the quality was still patchy. Direct X9.0b helped to at lteast make it audible, but that may have something to do with my sound card.

    If your alert goes to a team and each member has a voice number assigned, it should call them in turn.

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    The problem with voice phone is that you need unimodem. The TTS engine is a Microsoft one and as such we only reuse their technology. A sample audio file is on our website.

    We are going to add the option to send your own Wav files in a future release of ServersCheck but this will still require Unimodem.

    You can indeed have multiple people alerted if you use the Team feature.


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    Need the ability to have our own alert message.

    Any date when this may be available?

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    No there is no date scheduled for it. This topic is closed as the latest posts are not related to the orginal post.


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    Hello guys,

    What if I use the 56K Message Modem. Does it work?

    Please advise.



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    Is your modem listed in your sounds drivers (System properties) with Unimodem V next to it?

    If not then your modem is not Unimodem V compatible or your modem sound drivers are not properly installed.

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  • prayagpalprayagpal
    Hi There,

    I just started evaluating this product and some of the notes posted on the Discussion Forus has definitely helped.

    Now I know that,

    * I need a modem that support Voice.

    * The modem driver should show up as a Unimodem Driver under Audio Drivers.

    But I want to understand the following,

    * Do I really need a duplex Modem or a simple Voice Modem also will work ?

    FYI: I've tested with a OEM Voice / Data Modem, it's not duplex, but I could get that to working (means when I made some kinda noise in reply to the incoming call from server I got MS Sam reading out the message.

    * If I get duplex modem, can that anyway make Audio Quality better ? and How do I increase the Audio Volume for the message Playback ?

    * Additionally, is having a Audio Card a necessity or will that anyway make Audio Quality Better ?
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