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Hello all. I'm using ServersCheck Standard V5.0.14 on an w2k-Server SP4.

When i generate a CPU-Check its always tell me the cpu.Usage is 0%.

Iff i start an apps who makes the cpu-load 100%, ServersCheck says the

CPU-Usage is 0%. ServersCheck-Service is running under the

Administrator-Account and the startcondition is manual.

The memory-Check works very well on the same mashine.

Any idea?




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    Have you tried looking at the Performance counter instead? It queries the server for CPU Process usage and it can be that your computer halts the 100% while managing that request.

    Performance counters are more reliable (or SNMP4W2K) for CPU Process monitoring.
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    When i push with an application like Defrag the CPU to 100% load for more then 20 minutes or so, ServersCheck says 0% CPU-load. When i reduce the CPU-load to 50%, ServersCheck says 0% CPU-load. You see, in als conditions ServersCheck says 0% CPU-usage.

    I check the performance counter at monday, because now its WE. Thanx for the hint with the SNMP-Interface.

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