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I installed ServerCheck STANDARD version, and set the rule to detect TCP port if web server is running.

When webserver is down, I can see the "STATUS" change to red "DOWN" flag, that's ok.

But the problem is I cannot receive all alert email, sometimes I got email sometimes doesn't.

I have set the internal mail server, but it looks not work stably. I want to know how I can set and test through external SMTP server, for the first time I launch ServerCheck program, it gives me the option to setup email, but later I cannot see this prompt. Is it possible to detect and test email server before I click "start monitoring" button? Thanks.



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    You can look at the alerts/logging subdirectory to detect what the issue is in terms of sending the email alerts out.

    Also the alert depends on the condition set in the rule: only when going down, all down cycles or on each status change


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