cannot monitor multiple servers

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I purchased professional version.

I have 4 web servers need to be monitored, I setup the "Monitoring Rule" for TCP, and created 4 entries: port 443 port 443 port 80 port 443

Now if I want to start one service from control panel, it will start all of them, the "Status" change to "OK" for all 4 entries, how can I only activate some of them, is something I set wrong?




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    ServersCheck executes all rules that you defined. So if you created 4 rules then it will perform them all.

    If you only want to have some of them performed, then you can pause the rules you do not want to have activated.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    That's exactly what my question, when I click "pause" then all 4 rules change to "Disabled". Also if one of these 4 server is down, all entries show "DOWN".


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    Do the 4 rules have all the same name? Each rule needs to have a unique name.
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    Thanks, I got it working.

    Another question, I am configuring SMS, right now my celluar phone use AT&T wireless(in San Jose, california,US), it seems there is no provider service on "provider list", if I use other provider, do I have to sign contract with them first?

    I also tried another celluar phone which use "Verizon" service, I selected "USA Verizon(TAP)", from DOS command I can see "Successfully sent message <test/DEBUGServersCheck> to recipient XXXXXXX", but cannot receive anything.

    What could be the reason?



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