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We upgraded our ServersCheck application to the newest version and the signal tower is no longer working. I there an alternative to the signal tower? or Will the next patch add the product back?


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    The signal light tower was end of life in 2010 and support for it has been discontinued in January 2013.
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    We purchased the tower in 2011? Do you have a replacement for the signal tower. Is there any programming we can setup tp have the tower work with the software?
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    You are correct it was 2011 and not 2010. My apologies.

    I'll pass on your request to our development and will get back once I have a solution for you from them.

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    Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but we are in the same situation.

    We bought serverscheck back when it was on version 8.x with the signal tower and SMS dongle.

    We've now upgraded to vers12 FREE edition and just noticed that the tower is no longer working.

    I see that the executable to test the tower along with the alert_signaltower.exe are still present.

    Please someone tell us there is a way to get this back into Serverscheck. Not having to look at the serverscheck screen all day long helps us tremendously. We'd hate to have to rollback to version 8 due to this feature.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Signal Light Tower has been discontinued.

    However for any feature we had in the software, we keep it available as part of the support & upgrades agreement. This means that as long as you have kept your support & upgrades agreement running, then the feature will be present.
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