Monitoring UDP ports

Hi All,

I am trying to evaluate this software for my company, in doing so i have installed the Freeware version, (as it is likely to take me more than 15 days to correctly configure and test this site.

In doing so, i was unaware that it would disable my ability to run External program checks.

I was using a tool from M$ to scna UDP ports, portqry.exe, which worked well.

Since i can no long use this, does anyone have any ideas ho i might check if UDP ports are in a listening state without using externel programs? I need this feature to monitor Software Licensing services.




  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Replace the installed s-server.exe with this one:
  • scum73scum73
    Perfect!!! Thank you so much for the quick and 100% effective solution Mr Administrator!!! ;)
  • AZChrisAZChris
    Where should this appear?

    I thought it would be an option like TCP is. I am not seeing it though.
  • scum73scum73
    Not sure what you are actually asking AZChris,

    But we will start here:

    Create a new Monitoring rule and under "What do you wnat to monitor?" select:

    APM: Application performance & availability checks

    And then att he bottom of the list select:

    EXTERNAL: enables you to execute custom checks and be alerted on it.

    then you can monitor via whatever program you wish.
  • AZChrisAZChris
    Hi Thanks for responding.

    The initial question was to monitor udp ports without using an external app. I thought maybe that was put into the the monitor options just like the TCP option. If i need to use an external app to monitor it, then I will go that route, as you have outlined.
  • scum73scum73
    Hey Chris,

    I think you will need to use the external tool...

    Good Luck ;)
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