DRIVESPACE Test not producing graphs ?

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I've just installed 5.1.1 Pro.

I've just noticed that the DRIVESPACE tests i do on my server all show the correct result in the Value field, but when i try to display the graph, none of them have any data in them.

For example, the "Free Space in MB" graph shows no line and the top of the graph value is 1.0, but at the bottom of the graph, the line that says "Last Value" correctly states that 33gig are free. Over 100 tests have been done, so iaasume there is enough data to produce graphs.

What can i do ?



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    I have asked Development to investigate this asap so that I can come back to you with an answer and solution. If it is a bug in release 5.1.1 then a fix will be posted asap (matter of a couple of days).


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    Dear Patrick,

    could you email the content of following directories (in a zipped format) to

    A/ <Drive>:serverscheck_databases

    B/ The files in the outputgraphs subdirectory of ServersCheck.

    C/ The files in the graphsqueue subdirectory of ServersCheck.


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  • pbettelspbettels

    Thanks for that.

    I have sent them, although there is nothing in the graphsqueue directory.

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