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Is there any way to setup a rule to check for internet connectivity? I was thinking of setting up a tcp port 80 rule for some generic websites:, etc. I'd really like to be able to put these all in one rule rather than have rules for each site.

Why I want to do this is because I'm monitoring our public website (remotely hosted) and I would want a way to confirm that it is truely down (and not our internet connection).

Does that make any sense?


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    Actually there is a better way to do this:

    A/ Create 2 rules to connect to 2 well known web sites (PING or TCP).

    B/ In the second rule set the alert option to only alert when the first rule is down too

    C/ Third rule is the one of your website. Define there that it depends on rule A. This means that if rule A is down then C will not be executed (rule hierarchy)

    Another good way to do it is to check for specific gateways with your ISP so that you can detect where it goes down.


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