software doesn’t work with SensorHub

I have tried to add the sensors that are connected to the SensorHubs that we have, but after clicking on "DCIM: Infrastructure checks", choosing the proper type of sensor, and following all the steps, it only lets you choose between SensorGateway2, SensorGateway 2 Probes, and SensorGateway 1 Probe; and after clicking on "Detect Probes", it only shows the value of the first probe (the internal one) and all the other ones show 3 dashes ( - - -)

is the SensorHub currently supported on the software? or they will be in a future release? or are we doing something wrong?


  • That is the expected behavior of the software since the pre-made OID's to be used are from the SensorGateway alone.

    To include the SensorHub's sensors on the monitoring software,

    1) Get the sensor OID

    - Can easily be done by running an SNMPWalk on MIB browsers and even straight from bash (via Net-SNMP)

    2) Upon adding checks on the monitoring software, go to NPM>SNMP GET Checks>SNMP

    - Input the sensor OID there and you're good to go
  • Ok, even though it is a little cumbersome and it feels like it should be added under DCIM checks, I was able to add one of the values to test the funcionality the way you told me, it reports the value, but since it is not considered a "temperature" monitor, it is just an SNMP value check, it does not show under temperature on the dashboard, and more importantly, which is the feature we really wanted, I can't add it to the Infrastructure heat map, because when I click on "Edit temperature map markers" and I click on "Add sensor probe" , the value I want to add is not on the list (the one I added using the method you instructed me to).

    is there a solution for this?

    thank you, and I appreciate your assistance
  • I see. I'll be forwarding this to development and we'll see what we can do
  • Sensorhub is part of release 11 of our software which is scheduled for release in Q1.

    Release 11 is currently in private beta
  • This is now available on the new monitoring software update.
  • When testing the settings for temperature sensors connected to HUB I get the error message that they are "DOWN?" The OID value in the serverscheck.conf file is correct however.
  • Have you tried creating an SNMP check to directly specify the OID?
  • Thank you for your prompt reply. That was the next thing that I tried and it worked correctly and I was able to capture the temperature data. However, when attempting to add the sensor to the temperature map, the sensor does not display in the list of available sensors.
  • As it has been discussed on this thread, there are currently known bugs on DCIM checks..
  • Is that also true for adding the sensor to the temperature map?
  • Only temperature-labeled checks (under DCIM classification) can be added to temperature maps.
  • Latest version - 11.0.2 - has the fix concerning the OID issues on DCIM checks. Also, temperature sensors from SensorHub can now be labeled as temperature (under DCIM category).
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