PoE requirements for SensorGateway

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is there a link showing the exact PoE requirements for the SensorGateway? I have read the manual, but it only says

"Using incorrect power supplies or wrong

PoE source may permanently damage the equipment and void the warranty"

That is the only information I could find, but it does not specify what the "correct" PoE would be, I don't know which PoE Class it requires from my switch (0,1,2,3 or 4), or what is the actual consumption in Watts, current in mA, etcetera. I would appreciate any information provided to this respect.


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    See technical specifications:


    There are different types of PoE. The one designed for our sensors is IEEE 802.3af

    Power consumption depends on the sensors connected to it and the configuration of the device. Sensors have different power requirements.

    Based on data from our demo sensors:

    - sensorgateway with temperature & humidity sensor currently using 1600mW

    - sensorgateway with Sensorhub and 8 sensors connected to it is currently using 2900mW

    All our ports on the Switch have a maximum power of 15400mW (standard maximum output for PoE)

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    Thank you, appreciate it!
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    Just Received temperature Sensor and gateway.

    They worked on POE initially but now will not power up on POE, they do work with 12vdc external power supply.

    any body have any idea's
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    If that's the case, you can file for an RMA
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