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I have a windows 2k12 server where I have installed the Servercheck monitoring software.

I have a number of version 5 temperature gateways (F/W 4.1) with 2 sensor probes connected.

I go through the process on adding a new device and am trying to monitor the temperature. It detects the probes fine and allows me to select int.temp 20.68 or ext 20.31 .. or any of the other values. When I test or save the settings I get the error "Couldn't retrieve value for OID" I have tried rebooting the gateway as the instructions but it still does not work.

I have create a monitor to look at the same OID ( that the Temperature uses and it works fine. It just will not work when the I use the detect probe value.

I can create all the monitors manually but it would be nice to use the detect probe instead.

Thanks for any suggestions anyone has.


  • Hello,

    We will have a fix for this, a new update is already being worked at
  • Do you have a release date ?
  • Not yet but this has already been escalated
  • I have installed the new firmware 5.07 on the gateways and the same issue still exits.
  • What edition of the software do you own? Premium, Business 500 or Business 250? and what version do you have installed?
  • We are running a licensed version of 11.01
  • Currently 11.0.1 is the latest release.

    If you have issues with the detect features, then you can manually add it using the SNMP check type
  • Yes, We have Manually added them, but would like to use the temperature map. Which needs them to be added as temperature sensors.
  • How many sensors do you have? In to really benefit from the heat maps and have significant maps you need to have an ASHRAE like deployment.

    As you probably know, ASHRAE is the standard for environmental monitoring in data centers & server rooms. It requires 6 temperature sensors per rack.
  • We have 5 gateways with 2 probes each.. These are brand new and we are just installing them. I notice they come with 30 days of tech support .. Where can I Email to get this resolved ?
  • From your order page - you have 30 days support from day of delivery.
  • We have done a bit of troubleshooting today with some packet captures. It looks like when we try and monitor thought using the predefine temperature oid's its adding an extra 0 to the end of the oid.. instead of an thus getting no value. HOw do we get this info to someone that can fix it
  • This is currently already being fixed. This is why we're suggesting to go for SNMP checks for now.
  • Hello, I need to use the heat map but I'm having the same issue than Croberts, do you have an estimated delivery date for the new version solving this issue?
  • raulc, do you have a paid license or are you using the freeware version?

    Customers with a paid license can get access to a beta version (when available) prior to the final release of a new version. For the above issue a beta release is now available and can be requested through support.
  • Hello, ours is a freeware version, but we've bought something like 2 gateways and 11 sensosrs, I guess the final version is going to be released soon as you already have a working beta, we'll wait for the final release then. Thanks
  • Latest version - 11.0.2 - has the fix concerning the OID issues on the DCIM checks.
  • Hello, I've downloaded it, could add correctly the temperature sensors and heat map works great.

    Thanks for the update!
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