Email alerts are empty


I was able to install the product completely, but i got an error message during installation: Responsetransformer.xslt. In another forum post, i've noticed this is not an issue.

I've configured the product, and it sends out automatic email alerts. but normally there is text in these messages, but now they are completely empty....

Does anyone knows the solution for this?


  • Can you give a screenshot of your email settings?
  • Hello,

    How can i send the screenshot to you?

    as additional information, when you use the wizard first to configure the outgoing mail, then it sends a test message, and in that message, there is text.

    as an extra remark, i should tell that this server does not have access to the internet.


  • You can just host it on the web then embed it here.

    Can you give it access to the internet and test via Gmail or some other web-based email?

    Also, does that mean before, no issues are being encountered?
  • Hello,

    The image is available at:

    there is no way that this server can access the internet, since it is on a corporate network, and the policy does not allow internet access from this machine. We only have the relay server available, which allows relaying from this specific server through. This works, since i tested with for example telnet to send a mail.

    This is a clean installation, so out of the box installed, got the error about Responsetransformer.xslt, but could continue the installation. Then on first startup i followed the serverscheck wizard, which checks if your mailserver/relayserver is working, and it says succesfull, and i receive the email, with text in it. So mail is working.

    its just when notifications get send out, that the message is empty, there is no subject, and no message body, so i would think that the variables configured in email alert settings are not working...?


  • Since this is the first case for this, it is clearly out of the software's scope. With that, I'd advise checking your proxy services then your deployed policies regarding email services.
  • A way to check the email communication is to run the alerting module in debug mode. This allows you to exactly see what it does.

    The wiki has an article on how to run it in debug mode:
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