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I try to check if a linux process is running but I always get the DOWN status. I have installed the "serv" program add-on on the linux machine to check and if I just do a telnet to that port I get the process list back from the ps -A command (in UNIX text format). I am running serverscheck on a Win2000 machine.

Do I specify the procss name wrong? can I just type "httpd" as process name to check? in what format does serverscheck exprect the result?

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    Can serverscheck access the Linux based computer on port 5555 accessible?

    What is the error you are receiving?

    You can manually launch it as follows:

    1/ create in the agents subdirectory a file called test.conf with following parameters (one per line):


    process name

    2/ launch following in the agents subdirectory from the command prompt: linuxproc_check test

    3/ Look at the output in test.conf file that was created


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    It seems to be a little bit random and machine dependent. When running from a W2K server, it works most of the times if specifying a process only appearing once for instance the "init" process. But when specifying a process appearing several times ("httpd") I get "NO PROCESS FOUND".

    Doing the same on a W2K workstation seems to work perfect.


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    Development will check this out and if it is a confirmed bug, then an update will be posted.


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