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I want to send email when a check status is down. But I want to
use different subjected emails for different rules. How can I do it?
There is only one global setting for email subject.



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    This is not possible unless you use the available variables.


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    I want to run and external program or start an http get request to a site.
    so that I can do different things in these programs when the system is Up or Down.
    How can I understand inside my external program that the program called because
    the system is down or up. In my external program (or http site) I will do different things for different cases (up or down).

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    You can pass on parameters like status, check name etc... Based upon those parameters your external app can behave differently. When defining a HTTP GET roll over with your mouse over the question mark in ServersCheck next to the field and you will see a list of all parameters.
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    I realized that I can use variables (like %s,%l) when using an http get request.
    As you said it can be seen when we move the mouse over question mark.


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