Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor

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we recently purchased wireless temperature/humidity sensors.

just a query... how can we configure humidity check to have the option to set the range of acceptable humidity

<40 to 70>. currently, we're using SNMP check via OID.

one more thing, in case of power problem, i noticed that wireless sensors need intervention to reconnect. is this always the case?


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    - For the SNMP check, you'll need to use 2 SNMP checks, one for the greater than threshold and one for the lesser than.

    For the connectivity of wireless sensors, they should remain in the SensorGateway for up to 1 hr of without power.
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    we have a problem with the wireless temperature/humidity sensors, all of the 7 units disconnect almost on daily basis.

    i understand that the power loss for an hour will disconnect it from the wireless hub, but lately i noticed that even without a power loss the wireless sensors disconnects.

    do we have a work around here.?

    by the way, the distance of the wireless sensor to the wireless hub are between 3 - 6 meters only.
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    First workarounds we can do is reseating the sensors' batteries then reconnecting them to the wireless sensor hub.
  • dnzdgednzdge
    I cant do the battery reseat, because it will break the warranty seal. Its relatively new, less than a month.
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    I see. If you have another unit, can you plug the wireless hub there and test your wireless sensors there?
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