SNMP settings don’t save

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Hardware v5, just upgraded to firmware 5.07. When I try changing SNMP settings nothing will save and everything will revert back to how it was. I have done reboots and a factory reset but still nothing is working. I had an issue like this last year and ended up having to send it back for a replacement and really hope I don't have to do that again. It was working fine before the firmware upgrade, but now it is not. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Which firmware were you previously using?

    Also, can you do a warm reset for us to clear the memory? In order to do so, while the SensorGateway is powered on, press the factory reset button for 5 seconds.

    Note: Doing this will make the SensorGateway fallback to its default IP address:

    Because of this, make sure to setup a network first for this subnet.
  • I believe it was 4.1 that we were using, but I'm not fully sure since we had ran it for a while with no problems. I did the warm reboot and the settings were saving up until when I tried changing the read/write communities on SNMP v2. After I hit update there it will take me to the page that says: Sensor Gateway will be available shortly at: I go back into the SNMP settings and the Agent enable box becomes unchecked, and if I recheck the box and make any changes, nothing gets saved.
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    Can you confirm/flash up the latest version of the firmware. Is SNMP the only thing that isn't saving?
  • Taken from the sensor:

    Hardware Version : Release 5.0

    Firmware Version : Release 5.07

    Build Date : Jul 3 2014

    Interface Type : RS232

    Product Name : Temperature & SensorGateway

    Product ID : SC-TS01
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    Again, is SNMP the only thing that isn't saving?
  • Yes, SNMP is the only thing that isn't saving.
  • Just wondering if there is any update on this?
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    The info was passed on to our development team.

    If confirmed a bug then a fix will be included in a future firmware release.

  • DeanDean
    I am getting this same issue on a brand new device. I have upgraded to v5.11

    Device is a Temperature & SensorGateway HW v.5.0
  • DeanDean
    I got around this. As I'm not using SNMP v3 I left the default values in the fields, changing these to something less than 8 characters allowed me to save the settings.
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