sensor gateway offline

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some time ago, our company bought a SensorGateway with the purpose to test the device's features in relation to environmental monitoring using Nagios. We were not able to connect to the configuration web interface then. I was temporarilyassigned other duties, so 3 years later I'm back on the job and trying to get the thing to work as intended.

I still cannot connect to it on factory-set IP, whether it is powered through PoE or an AC adapter; when I reset it using the reset button, I sometime get ONE ping seemingly reaching the device (with outrageous time reading though).

Is this a known problem, is there a solution ?

Thanks in advance for your attention.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Here is a link that might help
  • CidrolinCidrolin
    Thanks, it might help iff I can connect to the serverscheck gateway, which is not the case; presumably, if I am not able to ping the device, neither can the nagios server...

    At this point, should I consider the thing defective ?
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Can you have someone check on it physically for the lights and indicators?
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