DHCP not working

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The “Hostname” option is not supplied to the DHCP within the broadcast, that can therefore not register it in the DNS.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Thank you for reporting this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    I just tested it here with a Cisco DHCP server and it assigns an IP address. We have forwarded it to our R&D team for further investigation.
  • MeAtSCMeAtSC
    How long will it round about take to get it fixed?

    Waiting since beginning of October.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    We can't put timings on this. Development priorities are based on weight of an issue.

    Weight is computed based on number of users reporting it, the number of units they represent and if there is a work-around or not (which in this case there as per indication below).

    If you are just using a few sensors then best is to assign a fixed IP address if your DHCP server can't issue IP addresses.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Can you provide us with evidence (like logs) of the DHCP server showing the reason it fails with your DHCP server.

    Like previously said we are unable to replicate the issue of Cisco DHCP servers not issuing dynamic IP addresses.

  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Dear MeAtSC,

    Please try following TEST build of the firmware to see if that resolves the issue you reported:


    This update will only work on Base units starting with Serial number 2013 or 2014 !
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