SSL V3 - All Browsers will not allow

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I have tried to access our 3 sensors with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. They will not allow access to the Sensor units because they are using SSL V3. Can this be rectified., ie is there a fix


  • callworthcallworth
    I too have this issue. The SSL method needs to be updated to current standards within the firmware.

    As a work around you can change the minimum SSL/TLS version allowed by your browser. For example in Chrome go to chrome://flags using the address bar and find the Minimum SSL/TLS version supported option, change the value to SSLv3 and press the Relauch now button at the bottom of the page. You should now be able to access the secure page of the sensors. When you are done it would be wise to switch the setting back in Chrome to default.
  • servicesservices
    This work around isn't valid anymore because it's no longer possible to enable SSLv3 in the most common browsers.
  • servicesservices
    This is becoming an urgent matter now, any news about a release date for a new firmware version yet?
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    It is on our roadmap - no ETA can be confirmed.

    Either use a browser supporting SSLv3 or remove the sensors from public internet and put them behind a VPN if sensor data is sensitive data for your application requiring SSL.
  • kbullerATRAkbullerATRA
    Is there any update on this issue? I need to be able to connect to these devices via https from a modern browser.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    It is under development and we will post updates on our website and social media accounts.
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  • kbullerATRAkbullerATRA
    I would appreciate an update on this. Thank you.
  • kbullerATRAkbullerATRA
    I just updated to firmware version 7.20 in the hopes that this issue was silently fixed... it wasn't. It's been over a year, when will this issue be addressed?
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    kbullerATRA a BETA version is ready and available to customers with a PREMIUM CARE agreement
  • Andy74Andy74
    When will a version that supports TLS be available to customers in general?
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    it still has not been approved for general release - we will make it available as soon as it is available
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