DHCP retry after power cut

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I figured out a big problem with the DHCP when the device boots because of power outage.

We have currently lots of power outages in the whole country. Usually there is 12 hours power and 24 to 36 hours no power country wide. Since month … #%?&%

The problem is, that even with UPS backup and generators, the power is gone at some point. Can’t refill the tank at the remote sites so quick.

When the power comes back, it takes quite some time to boot the whole network up. Your device only takes some seconds and then gets a 192.#.#.# address.

It’s then not possible to access the device anymore and needs a manual reset … until it happens again some hours later.

We urgently need some DHCP retry function or a check if the Network is already present.


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    You can also set a static IP for the sensor (which may be a better option, setup a subnet or a certain range for the sensors). I'll see if there is anyway for us to have the DHCP period longer, but I'm not sure.
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