no SNMP query

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I have a problem with a sensor base unit. Configuration and access are ok. But no SNMP query results.




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    your screenshot shows the results of the SNMP query for the specific OID proving it did return the values.
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    and the second screenshot ?

    Can you give me a valid query for test ?
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    The MIB Browser shows that it replies to SNMP.

    Make sure to check your firewall that UDP connections are open. Default SNMP port via UDP 161. Also make sure that your community string is correct.

    The Monitoring Software runs as a service, unlike the MIB Browser and security settings on your Windows system may prevent a service from making outbound connections.

    We will now move this thread to the Monitoring Software forum. The software is a freeware with community forum support only. If you want commercial support for the software then this is available under the Premium plans.
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    it's not about the software, I tested several applications and none has arrived to make SNMP queries to the case.

    We installed system center operations manager and our integrator recommended your probe, it has already implemented in SCOM

    But he failed has integrated in SCOM, so we tested other software, without success.

    This material being under warranty, thank you to give us support
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    proof that the software is not involved :

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    Issue resolved - customer had a different community string in device compared to the one using in the software

    "Public" vs "public" SNMP community strings are case sensitive.

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