Unable to configure URL check with authentication

Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble setting up the "URL: check if a web page contains a predefined string" check.
ServersCheck is installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 which is a part of the workgroup.

This is the configuration:

URL: https://something.com (publicly available site)
String to check: home (all lower case as that's how it is on the site)
Authentication settings: I've entered the credentials in the following way: domain\username and of course, the password.

When I run a test I get error code 401 which is 'unauthorized', its like that user does not have permissions to enter the site.
But...when I access the same URL using the same credentials in Internet Explorer on the ServersCheck server itself - it works without a problem.

I have even install the root certificate (target web site domain) to the local certificate store but it didn't help. I'm not even sure if ServersCheck utilizes the local certificate store..

Any help would be highly appreciated as this is an important check for my company.



  • tlepentlepen
    Update: I'm not 100% sure, but I think this monitor does not "wait" for the whole session to finish. I've been told that the site I'm trying to connect to really returns the 401 at first, but at the end of the session (authentication validation takes place in between) it returns 200.
    I found another way to validate the web site status...
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