Sensor does'nt send email alerts

I am trying to configure my sensors to send email alerts. All SMTP details are given, but email alerts does'nt work. Same SMTP details work with my Exchange. Please help


  • tlepentlepen
    You have to give them rights to send email via your exchange server. I don't know what version of Exchange you have but it should be under Server Configuration\Hub Transport\Receive Connectors. Add each device IP or IP range, depending of how you have set up the sensors (dedicated range or not). Add them to connector which allows Anonymous Users.
    edited June 2015
    Our emails are hosted in Cpanel locally with public ip. We have a Servercheck Control Panel which has private IP and two sensors connected to it. When I try to configure email settings, the erros shows "Test email cannot be sent". Please let me know how I can add the IP to connector in the Cpanel. Thanks
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