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We are trying to use the SMTPPOP3 monitoring rule. However, the rule seems to fail for no reason on a regular basis. We have the test being performed every 120 sec and the fail timeout for 300 seconds. Is there anything about the setup that would cause the problem? If not - any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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    What version are you using?

    the mailbox for this check is a dedicated mail account that is not accessed by another mail client?
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    I am running 5.1.7.

    I am trying to test an external mail server by using the SMTPPOP3 rule. I have an account setup on that external mail server and I see the serverscheck message show up briefly then disappear. I assume this is normal and the serverscheck response indicates the test was successful. However, on man occasions I get an error that says the test failed (as shown below):

    x -MSMail - Priority: High
    status of Email Test (Advanced Group) changed to DOWN at Tue Jun 22 17:09:07 2004. Reason: Message took more than 0 seconds
    On subsequent tests the test will again be successful. All along I am confident that the email server is working properly, so I don't understand why the test would be failing nearly every other time...
    Any ideas?
    Thank you!
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    Is another mail client accessing that mail account to which the test messages are sent? It needs to be a dedicated account that is not accessed by any other mail client.
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    No there is no other mail client in use on that account. In looking at the pattern, it would appear that every other test fails. Could there be an issue with the timing of my tests overlapping or something like that?
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    Could you email the SMTP and POP3 details to so that we can try and simulate the issue.


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    It's on it's way, but you will not be able to setup the same exact test from your location, as the IP in our rule are "private". They don't allow POP3 from the Internet - we have a VPN tunnel into their environment, so we do have access to these private IPs...
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