Ping test always success

Hi, I'm new to Serverscheck. Recently, just deploy in my company and add one node for network monitoring. However, whatever I put the node online or offline, the status of ping test is always "GREEN". I'm now sure whether it is running. May I know the correct steps for me to enable ping test? thank you!!


  • linux425linux425
    More information: When I add the ping monitor check and press test settings, the result is "Check failed. Timeout after 60 seconds. No data received.
    Verify settings and try again. ". However,there is no problem when I do "ping " under DOS prompt of the ServersCheck Monitoring server, thank you!
  • tlepentlepen
    Well, it sounds weird. :)
    I don't know how the whole monitor check is configured, have you set up the target "device" setting properly?
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