Firmware 6.00 Release Candidate available

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We are pleased to announce the availability of firmware 6 for version 5 sensorgateways purchased in 2014 and 2015:

What's new?
.output feature over the cloud
.new output logic architecture
.user defined output names on the cloud
.email body/txt on email alert (100 characters)
.SYN window size fixing issue on firmware 5 for Exchange emails


  • sensor_ninjasensor_ninja
    can anyone please comment on this new firmware release. thanks
  • rbutterworthrbutterworth
    I just installed this and my Sensor Gateway no longer talks to the cloud monitoring system. I've tried re-adding it with a new ID to no avail.
  • sensor_ninjasensor_ninja
    does it go back (connection to the cloud) when you downgrade it back to version 5.07 ? 5.11 ? thanks
  • AdministratorAdministrator
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    rbutterworth - a few questions:
    1) do you have outbound rules for the sensorgateway on your firewall?
    2) what public IP address is your sensorgateway connecting from so that we could check logs to see if we get any data in from your IP
    3) how many devices do you have connected?
  • sensor_ninjasensor_ninja
    i was able to update 2 of my Gateways to version 6.00 yesterday and the cloud runs fine. i also, tried controlling the Outputs of the sensor hub via the cloud , and it responds at a reasonable time but depends on how many output changes you want to make. i can also hear the relay clicks and verified the digital output status using a multimeter.
    signal logic of the outputs can also be set.

    i will leave this over the weekend and see what happens.
  • sensor_ninjasensor_ninja
    everything is working fine after updating to version 6.00.

    any feedback from those who were able to update their sgw to version 6.00 ?
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