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Wen I make a rule and I press F5 (refresh) the rule is gone. when I look in serverscheck.conf the string is gone of the rule I made.

OS: WXP prof sp 1, serverscheck proff.




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    I found a verry stange thing what could be the problem.

    My servers name is monitor1 in a domain.

    I made a shortcut on a client computer's desktop = http://monitor01:1272/

    the default shortcut name is ServersCheck PROFESSIONAL Edition - Configuration Server - version 5.1.7

    I rename that dispay nam to MONITOR1

    When I dubble click the shortcut, the internet explorer opens and the popup password box appears. When I login 1 rule disappears.

    when I close the internet explorer and I open the shortcut again, the password box appears again and I logon. Again 1 rule disappears.

    I can simulate that until 0 rules are left. :( :( :(


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    ServersCheck manually checks the integrity of the serverscheck.conf file and if an error is found (corrupt data in a line then this is removed).

    Can you try and see if it happens with the default ServersCheck.conf file that comes with the installation.

    Have you manually edited the conf file?


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    No, this situation is on a xp prof clean version installed with all service packs, then I install servercheck (+setup services and admin rights). Then I make 1 rule via the webinterface.

    (when i install a clean version of serverscheck I delete also all forlders of serverscheck,-->root + program files directory)

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    Can any other user confirm seeing the same issue?

    Is the behavior the same when you access your ServersCheck installation with http://<IP_ADDRESS>:1272

    Do you use Internet Explorer?
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    The solution is making a new shortcut to the webinterface ! ! !



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