Cloud portal error 522


When we try to connect to the cloud portal, we are receiving "Error 522, connection timed out" via any browser, but from the app for Android we can see all the info. Is there any problem with the webpage?.


  • Hi! now I can open the webpage with no issue. I don't know what happened. Thanks btw.
  • when i checked the webpage now the cloud portal is working fine.. make sure that this is the url you are trying to go to... ..
    and you have already created an account.
  • Hi,

    That error was fixed just minutes before I posted here, but right know, I'm realized that the webpage is not working properly, because alerts are not sending emails, I can't delete devices (when I try to delete, the webpage keep the device, doesn't dissapear), sometimes shows device offline and minutes before device online. Can you check if there is a problem with the webpage please?. Thanks! btw, I tried with differents web browsers but the same issue.
  • we are currently doing upgrades with the cloud so bare with us for a couple of days.

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