Alert email send failure

I want serverscheck to send an email alert when a TCP check fails through an office 365 account. I can successfully send a test email from the Settings>CONFIGURE ALERT SETTINGS>Email page. I receive a properly formatted message with the to/from fields set properly. However, when the serverscheck program attempts to automatically send an email on a status change, it fails and generates an error in the Alerts>Alert Notification Logs>Email page (i have replaced the email addresses below with nonsense characters but they are valid "to" addresses, besides the error is related to the from address):

# Tue Jul 7 12:58:28 2015 Email alert for check TCP xxxx to succeeded through ServersCheck Backup mail server
- Sending SMTP alert for check TCP xxxx to through
# Tue Jul 7 12:58:28 2015 Error: Could't set FROM: 501 5.1.7 Invalid address

I can only guess that the program is not using the "FROM" address specified in the email setup page? Perhaps it's trying to leave it blank (anonymous), which office 365 does not allow? Is there any way to rectify this?


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