sms credit


does anyone know to buy credits for sms in serverscheck?

can anyone please show how?



  • AdministratorAdministrator
    edited July 2015
    as of now the way to replenish sms credit is by having one of our support plans as it is bundled with sms service
  • Hi Administrator,

    if we buy a sensor mobile gateway, can we use a sim card with unlimited sms plan from cellphone provider to send a sms alert?

  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Yes - the Mobile Sensorgateway uses the SIM card to send out SMS alerts - this ensures that you receive SMS alerts even when your IP network is down. The Mobile Sensorgateway is not supported / available in North & South America
  • antsmanantsman
    Hi, I have a bronze plan and am supposed to be getting SMS credits, but haven't received any since March of this year. Can I get someone to check on this for me?

  • adminadmin
    Antsman, the issue is not related to the original topic. Please post a new one topic for the missing credits. If the email address used for your community account is different than the one for the SMS messaging, then indicate your email address.
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