Down alarm continues to send alert emails even though no alarm show on status page

Please forgive me if this was already covered in an earlier discussion. I'm new to this forum and did not find a search feature on the website.

I've had a SerrversCheck temperature alarm for some time. IT works well and emails me whenever we have a temperature issue. However, we recently decided to activate the repeat alarm feature. When we did this, we started getting a down alarm every few minutes. This is very odd since the sensor status web page does not show any alarms as active and the down range is wider than the warning range. We aren't getting any warning messages.

Any thoughts?


  • adminadmin
    Hi srknerr,

    As you have said you have a wider down range than the warning range, was this the original configuration even before you used the repeat alarm feature?

    can you post the range of the down and warning parameters.

    also does the unit work perfectly when your not using the repeat alarm feature now?
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