Email Alerts Are Way To Frequent


I have setup email alerts on our base Sensor GateWay but one problem is that every time it goes over/under the threshold, even by .01 degrees, it send an email alert. I have mitigated this by having polling every 300 seconds and it helps but still, it temps hover right around the threshold, then it constantly sends email alerts.

I decided to try and utilize the cloud monitoring feature ( and setup If > Then Alerts. Again, here, I had it set to set the status to Warning and email me if the temp went over 85 degrees. But the damn thing has sent me 800 alerts for every micro-degree change above 85 degrees.

How can I just send me an alert ONCE when it hits the threshold or even once for every whole degree -- not every time it goes from 85.04 to 85.05 -- that's ridiculous.

I love the product, but the way alerts are handled is not intuitive and difficult to fine tune, either locally or in the cloud monitoring area of the device.

Any suggestions or examples of how to address this would be most helpful and appreciated.




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    If your alert level is 85 then it should alert even when it goes over by 0.1 degree. The issue is not the alert itself but either the limit you defined or the cooling of your room.
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    Hi LTCBobby,

    One reason is You might have the repeat alarm feature checked.

    Another reason is that the threshold you have set up needs to be reconfigured as you have sighted our sensors are very accurate as even 0.01 degree of a difference will trigger the email. now if you set up your threshold at 85 but basically the temperature on that field is just a bit lower than 85 then surely the sensor will go down and up from time to time and will send you emails. I suggest you reconfigure the thresholds.
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