"complete" list of values for sensor?Name.0 and corresponding interpretation of sensor?Value.0

hi. i'm trying to write a small SNMP application that lists the sensors on the gateway along with the type and value.

what i haven't been able to find is a list with information like "if the Name is 'Sound Meter', then the value is in decibels.

also, i'm a bit confused in that the mib module lists five sensors, but adding a sensor hub makes it possible to have 8 sensors. what's the story on that?

many thanks!


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    hi rose,

    you might want to check our user manual w/c can be downloaded from our site and look for the topic xml output.
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    "if the Name is 'Sound Meter', then the value is in decibels. -> this info is not available via SNMP - this is something you'd have to program.

  • mrose17mrose17
    thank you for replying. sorry i missed your reply. i read ServersCheck_Sensor_Gateway.pdf before posting above, and it doesn't give a list of possible values. in order to minimize the amount of back-and-forth from this weekend, let me ask the basic question:

    for sensor1Name.0, sensor2Name.0, and so on,what are is the complete list of possible values. based on the sensors i've purchased, i know that some of the values are 'Int. Temp', 'Ext. Temp, 'Airflow', 'Sound Meter', 'Humidity', and 'Water Detect'.

    what other values are possible?

    thank you!
  • mrose17mrose17

    '' sensor3Name.0 Sound Meter
    '' sensor3Value.0 noise '48.93'

    so, given your comment above, is this a "good value" or not? thanks!
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    We can't give a full list as some sensors are only available to some customers & some sensors are not available in all regions.
  • mrose17mrose17
    i don't understand. there are 14 wired probes and 3 wireless probes on https://store.serverscheck.com/all_items.asp

    based on the hardware sitting in my machine room, i know this much already:

    '' sensor1Name.0 Int. Temp
    '' sensor1Value.0 temperature celcius

    '' sensor2Name.0 Airflow
    '' sensor2Value.0 airflow m/s

    '' sensor3Name.0 Sound Meter
    '' sensor3Value.0 noise db

    '' sensor4Name.0 Humidity
    '' sensor4Value.0 humidity RH%

    so that leaves us with power failure, vibration/shock, door contact, dry contact, i/o sensor probe, air quality, and leak. hardly a big list.

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    Those are the standard sensors available in your region which is not the same as in other regions & does not include all sensors we have deployed.

    Request has been passed on to development to provide the default sensor names for power failure, vibration/shock, door contact, dry contact, i/o sensor probe, air quality, and water leak

  • mrose17mrose17
    thank you!
  • mrose17mrose17
    if the request results in a list, please email it to mrose17@gmail.com ... thanks!
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    Hi mrose17,

    here are the default names of the sensors you requested

    power failure = PowerFail
    vibration/shock = Shock
    door contact/ security probe = Security
    leak / flooding = Flooding
    Dry Contact and I/O probe = UndefinedIO

    though you can change them to whatever value you would like as with dry contact you would have a bunch of UndefinedIO values might as well place numbers on them like UndefinedIO 1 , UndefinedIO 2 and so on..

    you can rename the default values by accesing the gateway and changing the value under the name tab.
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