Serverscheck Sensors - Version 6 - Issiue with DHCP /w DNS

Device Info:
Hardware Version : Release 5.1
Firmware Version : Release 6.00
Device: SensorGateway v5

Hey Guys,

we have the above SensorGateway in our Serverroom.
The reporting values of temperature and humidity are correct but i have here some sort of strange issiue.

We want to try to make every device accessible with DNS.
Unfortantly, there seems to be a bug within the returnvalue of the NetBios/Device name.
We are using as DHCP and DNS Windows Server 2012.
After the SensorGateway is configured as a DHCP Device, it gets normal a DHCP Address with correct lease time.
I don't know why but the returnvalue of the NetBiosName appends some "whitespaces".


devname: sensor0001

expected output: ""
actual output: "sensor0001"

within this whitespaces windows dont make any DNS entrys for this device, so i had to make the A Records and PTR Records on my own.

Is there a possibility to fix that problem?

Thx alot,



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