io dry contact configuration documents

hi, anyone have a document to configure and use serverscheck io - dry contact to relay in rectifier and blower with 220 v AC.
the actual concern is it possible to use io - dry contact to turn on a back up air condition when the main air condition is down can you please show it how? thank you very much


  • We don't have specific configuration documents for your case scenario. Wiring diagrams and examples can be found in the user manual in chapter 21 on page 51.

    You will need a relay to kick start a backup airconditioning unit. The relay state can be triggered by the dry contact output.

    In your application, most customers typically do it temperature based. Indeed you may have a situation where the primary airconditioning unit is no longer powerful enough to cool the room down requiring a secondary unit. By doing it on a temperature level you are actually doing it better then just the power state of the primary unit.
  • hi administrator thanks for the reply and sorry for the delayed response, can you please send me any documents on how to configure it thanks in advance and best regards.
  • here is the link where you can download the user manual

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