Setup Group within a Group

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Is it possible to setup a Group within a Group.



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    No this is not possible. 1 hierarchy level only.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]

    Would it be possible to include in next release ?

    We would want to monitor hundreds of different systems and this would make checks alot easier to find.

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    I checked with development. The feature is not on our current product roadmap and is not that easy to do based on the way checks are defined and stored now.

    They had a workaround suggestion (if you have the Enterprise version):

    1/ Setup ODBC logging so that ServersCheck logs everything in a database

    2/ Create a new mapping table with selfpoint joins

    3/ Create a PERL, ASP or similar page that queries the database through those joins and as such you should be able to have any hierarchy you like
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