Drivespace rule on NT Term Server


I have serverscheck running on a Win2k Server, but am trying to build a rule to alert me when drivespace on an NT 4.0 Terminal server is running out of room. Here is the error I get:

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Testing Settings

We will now test the settings you specified for the DRIVESPACE monitoring rule.

<FORM name=checksdef onsubmit="return checkrequired(this)" action=addwizard3.html method=get> Cadministratorwhite" name=def> Executing monitoring rule...

Monitoring rule has been completed. These are the results:
Result: DOWN?
Error Returned: Error connecting to Error -2147221164: Class not registered
Value Returned:


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    The Drive Space check requires WMI to be installed on the target host.
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