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Evaluating product:
Is it possible to monitor multiple DNS servers? Not just port checking but the full DNS query thatthe program is capable of. I do not see anyway to enable this to check multiple servers.


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    The DNS check allows you to perform a DNS resolution.

    You can also perform a TCP check on port 53 to see if the DNS server is alive. To see if it is available on the network you can perform a PING check.
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    I will repost and reformat my question because you did not answer the questions:

    The DNS check allows you to perform a DNS resolution. Can the DNS check be set to check multiple servers?

    A DNS server may respond on port 53 but not perform DNS resolution. I require that the program check multiple DNS servers and ensure each server properly performs DNS resolution.

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    No it can not do it like you stated for multiple DNS servers. It will use the DNS server defined in the network connectivity of the computer.
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    OK- Let me know once you have this capability. The program look good, it is just missing some features that IPCHECK has.
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