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I would like to know how to configure failover support in ServersCheck Enterprise version. I installed two serverscheck programs to two seperatte computers. Two computers which is running windows XP ( windows 2000( are located at different domain.

The purpose of task is that computer A take over computer B monitor task if B fails. I have done below configuration.Please check if i have done any wrong part.

1.Copy serverscheck.conf from B and rename it to serverscheck2.conf and placed it in A's servercheck working directory(D:Program FilesServersCheck)

2.In computer A,ServersCheck Monitoring Service is running with the Administrative Account.

3.In Enterprise Configuration Settings I set below

IP of 2nd instance:<B's IP address>

Username :MCPadministrator

password:<domain administrator password>

Configuration file(.conf) :serverscheck2.conf

Then i try to turn off computer B , but computer A doesn't check B's test.

Besides, as stated in help page , it said that "if the ServersCheck service is not running then the fail-over feature will start." then should i add service check for B's ServersCheck Monitoring Service in A test list ?

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    Have you purchased a license for the fail-over option? If so then you should have received special instructions on how to configure it and an email address to assist you on configuring it from our support team.


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