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I have a ping check monitor defined which emails me if the ping return value is greater than the amount I specified. It will not,howerver, execute an application. The applications is a batch file which runs tracert.



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    What version and edition of ServersCheck are you running.

    What is the command you entered for the external app?

    When a batch file is launched performing a tracert, then the batch is automatically closed once completed. Have you checked if it runs in the background (if ServersCheck monitoring service is not set to run in Interactive Mode then nothing will be shown and it will run hidden in the background)

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    Version ? How do I identify it?

    The batch file writes its output to a text file.
    I tested the batch file and it runs properly creates a file with the the containts of the tracert command.

    Current value: C:Serverscheck applpa03trace.bat

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    You can tell the version in several ways. The easiest is in the title bar of Internet Explorer when you go to http://localhost:1272

    For each alert a log is being generated (located in the alertslogs directory). What is the content related to the alert it needed to generate?

    Also remember that ServersCheck runs as a service. So does it have write rights to that specific directory?
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    Ver. 5.1.7

    Thu Sep 16 10:19:43 2004 PINGNH01SPRINT is WARNING -> C:Serverscheck applpa03trace.bat started

    I have the service set to manual and it is off, I am running the program in monitor mode.

    I found the files, it lookes like serverscheck is writing the files to the c:WINNTsystem32 directory.

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    So issue solved?


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