Memory Leak?

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I am running v5.5 and I have watched my page file grow from 380MB to 526MB in two days... the app was crashing because the page file size filled.. but there must be a leak.. this is the only app running on the box.... has anyone else reported it? This is related to a post I placed a few days back but I have just now traced it..



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    Which component has the increased page file? Are you running ServersCheck as a service or in interactive mode?
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    Running as service.. I have not viewed the individual exe page file useage.. just watched the overall size grow. I can do more testing if you like.

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    page file useage what is it and how do i lower it on a dell 4500
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    Dear user,

    Your comment is insufficient to help you. Please provide following information:

    - ServersCheck version and edition (Standard, Pro, Enterprise)

    - What the page file usage is and for which component.

    - What checks do you have defined?


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