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Hello, I am currently evaluating ServersCheck and overall I am impressed. I have noticed a few things that concerns me a bit however?

- "Down?" vs. "Down" - I was testing ServersCheck by having it monitor the availablilty of a Windows service. I stopped the service being monitored to simulate a failure. I have the check set to retry 3 times before the rule has failed. I expected the web interface to indicate "down?" (orange) for the next 3 checks after I stopped the service and "down" (red) for any failed checks after that. This is not what happens. It seems to randomly switch between "down?" and "down". It appear that this does not affect alerting however. I am only alerted once when it goes "down" (red) for the 1st time and when it goes back up. Any thoughts on this.

- Performance counters - I have verified that the service and check have the correct credentials. For most of the counters serverscheck seems to return incorrect values. I performed a check on MemoryPage Reads/s and it reported the same value of 11 for each check. In performance monitor the correct value was between 0 and 2. To test another I tried % processor time (I know there is a specific test for the, but I was testing). This checked retured the same 99.999... value for each check. In performance monitor the value was varied and never got about 75 %. I will need to grab various performance counters for trend analysis. I understand that SNMP can be used with SNMP-W2K for performance data, but I thought I would point this out.

- Averages on graphs - any plans on adding averages (and max and min) to the standard graphs. I know these are on a custom graphs, but can I get those in a scheduled report using the report scheduling add-on? I would like to get a weekly report of various performance items with graphs and averages is this something can do with serverscheck? It would also be nice to specify the units of a value returned on a check. For example the dell temprature sensors display values in 10ths of Celsius. It would be nice to have that on the graph so that 200 doesn't look so scary.

Thank you for you time.


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    1/ DOWN? vs DOWN: the refresh rate of the interface influences the status you see in the display.

    2/ I will check this issue with development as this should not be the case and I will get back to you.

    3/ Currently there are no plans on adding average graphs. I will add it to a our feature request list for possible future inclusion.
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    Regarding the performance counters:

    - can you confirm tha the predefined counters work fine?

    - it appears like MemoryPage Reads/s is not a valid performance counter and that it should be:

    MemoryPage Reads/sec

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