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I have just installed the eval version to look at Servers Check and have set up one very basic TCP rule, which connect to a server on port 80 every minute, but the number of checks on the rule never increases and it looks like it's not being caried out.

The monitoring service is running and the rule is active, but a setting somewhere is obviously incorrect - ie the one that says Go! Also, once a rule is created, can it be edited to include a server reboot as an action, or is this only available when you initially create the rule?

Thanks for your help, Tom.


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    It seems like the screen is not refreshed (are you using IE 6?)

    You can edit a rule by following the instructions in the manual or in the help file.

    In the rule list there is a column called edit. When you click on the info icon in the row of your rule then you can set the settings.

    Reboot is only available to Enterprise users and can be set by setting the alert options (the alert icon next to the info icon)
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    I had set the service to be a domain account and just realised that it won't have local administrator privilages, which seems to stop even a PING request working.

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    Thanks for the info. We will include it in our FAQ.


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