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Has anyone tried using the built in Dell Openmanage SNMP rule? Whenever I try adding it I get a web page script error saying there is a missing bracket ')' on line 137. This is just after entering the retry frequency.


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    You can actually copy the SNMP OID and use a regular SNMP rule as the only difference is the list of predefined OID's

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    The issue has been identified and fixed. The fix will be included in 5.5.2 scheduled for release on Monday.


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  • tom_clarktom_clark
    Fantastic news and that's a very quick turnaround!
  • tom_clarktom_clark
    Not sure if it's supposed to have been fixed, but just downloaded the latest version and the Dell rule still gives an error...
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    You are right. The error was only fixed partially and still causing a Javascript error.

    You can download the latest build of the s-server.exe that addresses the issue (I just tested it and the error is now gone):
  • tom_clarktom_clark
    Works perfectly, thanks.
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