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I've tried setting up a check on FileAge. The rule checks a log file, wich has to be modified every day around the same time. If the log file is older then one day (86400 sec), then the rule should fail. The rule performs on: modify date - greater then 86400 sec. When I test the rule it returns a fail with a value of 15364020 sec.

What I am missing?


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    Could you send a copy of that file to
  • vierhovenhvierhovenh
    It's in the mail.
  • vierhovenhvierhovenh
    After a few mails with support, I found the solution for this problem.

    Login with SC account (account used for all the other rules) on the SC server,

    change Regional Options - Your locale (location) into English (US)

    And everything works fine. The problem exists of a check for 'Date modified' or 'Date created' and not for the same in another language.

    It is a very strange solution because in the FileAge check you don't have to fill in an useraccount......?!?!?
  • hickihicki
    I have the same problem with the file age check, when I build up the rule und use the test, it returns the correct value. but after finishing the rule it returns a big number like in the first post here...

    is their any easy solution for it... I am a little bit confused because the test works correct and the finishe rule does not.

    That is an big issue for me because I test ist for my company and I will show it next week for demo propurse..



    Excuse my english, I am from Germany
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    Dear Thomas,

    this is most probably due to the simple fact that the ServersCheck service does not run under a Windows Admin account. When the configuration server is started then it started under the account that you are logged in with. The service starts by default in Local System account with no network access.

    The long time that you see is in fact the UNIX EPOCH TIME (time when the file was created.

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