s-server proces

After the update to version 5.5.4 of SC it seems that the s-server proces is hanging. If I change a configuration setting of one of the rules, the s-server proces is taking 50% CPU and I have to wait at least a minute before I can change another setting. Anyone an idee?


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    Could you email the config file to support@serverscheck.com along with what exactly you tried to change. Can you confirm it that it always happens with that change of setting?


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  • vierhovenhvierhovenh
    I don't think it's in the config file, but I mailed the config file. Could it be that with the new version, there is a new field that should be filled, called Computer / Device. It doesn't matter what field I change or even if I open the localhost:1272 page, it's all so slow.
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