perfcount doesn’t work w/ Physical disk c

I am running "ENTERPRISE Edition License 5.5.x " on win2k to monitor win2k systems.

Whenever I try to monitor a remote computer for physical disk info it does not work.

e.g. PhysicalDisk(0 C: F:)Disk write Bytes/sec

It says it is working with no errors but it keeps reporting ZERO bytes.

If I go to the machine being monitored and start perfmon and choose to monitor any physical disk info, suddenly serverscheck starts getting good data. As soon as I stop the local perfmon program, the values go back to zero.

How do I fix this?




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    Dear Sir,

    For some reason, the Performance Monitor only runs on your systems in the foreground and not the background. As this is a Windows system issue you best check with a Windows expert on this as we have no insight in your systems configuration (security, ...)

    Disk space can be obtained also through:

    - SNMP4W2K free add-on (see help file)

    - DISKSPACE check


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  • It DOES run in the background, but only when it is running on the foreground TOO.

    Turn the local perfmon on - the serverscheck works. Turn the local perfmon off, the servers check says it is working "ok" but it gets a zero value every time.

    And I am looking for bytes/second read and write NOT freespace.

    Anyone else here ever used the percount physical disk counters - or am I the only one trying to do this?



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