PERFCOUNT values completly innacurate.

I am monitoring Processor(_Total)% Processor Time (among other things) and it is all wrong.

I have monitored it for two days and the value returned is always 99.9xxxxx.

When I log on to that server and run perfmon.exe I see that it is no where near that busy and almost never hits 99%, but serverscheck tells me i has never gone below 99.9% in the last two days?

Why? How do I fix this?




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    When you look in the latest log file in the logging subdirectory, does it always return 99.9xxx or is it the last retrieved value some time ago?

    You could also consider using SNMP4W2K to retrieve the Performance counter values. This add-on uses the SNMP protocol to retrieve the performance counter values and runs as a service.
  • I would rather not use the SNMP - as we don't run that now here. The main reson I went with your solution was not having to install anything on the monitored systems...

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    Could you please email your latest log file to

    Can you confirm that the ServersCheck service is running with Windows Admin account settings so that it has all access rights on the remote machines?


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  • Email sent.

    Yes, confirmed the account starting the Serverscheck monitoring service is an administrator account.

    That same account and password exists on all the servers I intend to monitor here too.

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    Processor % Processor Time: The percentage of time the processor was busy during the sampling interval. This counter is equivalent to Task Manager’s CPU Usage counter. During the PERFCOUNT call, the processor is being used to compute the task it was given.

    The result returned is always a snapshot when the call is made.

    Our development team is currently working on it to try and develop a work-around to poll for a couple of seconds and take the average values from those intervals.

    It is recommend for CPU usage to use the CPU check rather than the performance counter check.

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