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I would like to ask a few questions I did'nt find in de FAQ.

It's about an update of ServersCheck.

We got version 4.4.0 and version 5.0.14 is already available. I've read that the current licence will not work on the latest update. Do I have to pay again for the update, or should I do something else?

Also about the SMS service, we would like to use it, but we can have our own SMS gateway. Is there a fix for more SMS options, or should we use an other service for that?

Thanks for reply.




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    If you purchased ServersCheck with a support agreement then you can obtain a new license key. If you do not have a support agreement then you can buy an upgrade with a 30% discount on the list price.

    The SMS options are:

    - SMSC (TAP or UCP) by using a standard data modem over a land line

    - ClickATell (online service) requiring internet connectivity to send out emails

    - GSM Soft.nu Mobile Messenger (sold separately) to send out SMS messages through a GSM modem

  • Thank you for your quick reply :)

    This version is working good for us, also i wil have to ask what licence we have for an upgrade.

    I will check for the SMS service in my country.

    If I have any questions you hear from me.

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    We got a licence with support for version 4.4.x.

    What should i do when i want to update to the last version?

    Can you please explain it to me?

    Thank you!


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